My journey as a yogini began 9 years ago when I started studying with Rene Johnson at Shanti Yoga. As a trauma survivor, I discovered yoga’s power to heal me, free tensions and traumas from my body that I didn't need anymore, and allow me to regain ownership of my body and a sense of wholeness I had lost. From digging deeply to rediscover my own body, I became interested in experiential anatomy - asking how we experience our structure thorough internal sensation rather than external analysis. It was not about the pose, but the movement between the pose. Not about the shape, but about my deep listening to myself as I moved through my full range of motion, discovering it anew in each moment. 

An incredibly sensitive person since birth, I have discovered the strength of sensitivity through my work as a yoga teacher. Our culture often uses the term sensitive as a pejorative word, but to be truly in touch what is happening and to feel it deeply allows us to make choices based on our inner compass and lead lives that reflect our deep values. I love offering my students the gift of rediscovering themselves in the present moment, freeing themselves from judgment, and finding joy in the gift of living in a body on this earth and moving with gratitude.

I have trained in Yin Yoga with Joe Barnett, a primary teaching assistant of Paul Grilley and completed my 200-hour teacher training through YogaWorks with Catherine Munro and Rene Johnson. I'm currently training to become an Alexander Technique instructor, and this work has influenced my yoga teaching profoundly, bringing a greater balance between effort and ease, between doing and non-doing, between action and attention.

Today, yoga is often perceived as a series of poses. However, the word yoga translates directly as “to join” or “to unite”. I hope my teaching can inspire a unity on many levels, within each individual and in the greater community. We live in challenging times, and I believe that listening deeply to ourselves and to each other is the only way to heal together.

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“By contentment, supreme joy is gained.” - Sutra 2.42

Photos by Jared Doyle