This Is the Kind of Animal I Am

Created and Performed by Holly Cinnamon
Movement Coaching and Co-choreography by Ainsley Hillyard
Sound Design by Maria Burkinshaw

This Is the Kind of Animal I Am is the story of a woman facing her own body in a world that owns and removes that body from her. As an adult woman encountering sexual assault, Iphigenia is drawn back into a memory of a hunting trip with her father when she was a young girl, and her brief encounter with a doe on that trip. Through her relationship with the doe, Iphigenia seeks reconciliation with her own body, asking: how can a woman live in peace inside a flesh which she does not own? A reclamation of the territory of the female body through movement and storytelling. 

This solo show was originally developed in the One Yellow Rabbit Summer Lab; a workshop production premiered in Theatre Network's NextFest 2014 and then appeared in the Edmonton Fringe. 

“Weaving a deeply personal story of a woman facing her past with wry observation and a touch of mythology, this is an extended look at the violence facing girls and women … Holly Cinnamon is a powerhouse who unflinchingly shoulders the script’s weight ... A fierce, unapologetic stare into very dark territory, absolutely arresting for its raw, brutal honesty.” 
- Mel Priestly, Vue Weekly 

Photos by Visual Index Photography