The Woman in the Red Dress

Three women put on a red dress - each for a different reason. But a red dress has a meaning and a purpose of its own. What happens when the wearer cannot control the meaning of the dress? When the dress cannot be taken off? From Helen of Troy to a desperate housewife to a young girl on the subway, this piece is a journey exploring many women's relationships to their bodies and the impact of the fabric images that they choose to mask their bodies with. 

This piece was originally inspired when I saw Edward Burra's painting The Snack Bar at the Tate. 

Written and Directed by Holly Cinnamon
Choreographed by Raena Waddell
Music by Rebekah Sherman
Featuring Emma Houghton, Mariann Kirby, Jemma Robinson, Andrew Ritchie, Jordan Buhat, Stuart McDougall, Zsakira Del-Col, Paulina Cech
Designed by Stephanie Bahniuk and Megan Koshka
Sound by Maria Burkinshaw and Misha Hlebnicov
Theatre Network - NextFest, 2013
Photographs by Visual Index Photography