"What the theatre can still take over from speech are its possibilities for extension beyond words, for development in space, for dissociative and vibratory action upon the sensibility." - Antonin Artaud

In 2009, I conceived and directed my first interdisciplinary performance creation: Qualia (a latin word meaning sensations and experiences which cannot be defined by thought or language). With this show, my indie theatre company was born. I produced and directed new works, conceived in collaboration with artists of all disciplines.

My creative work involves a fusion of sounds and images. It is rooted in an exploration of the body: I am fascinated by the raw instincts and sensory experiences of the animal body, and how that body is shaped by culture. A lot of my work physically explores contemporary ideas of femininity and asks questions about women's bodies, ownership and empowerment (see: The Woman in the Red Dress, This Is the Kind of Animal I Am).

As a theatre artist, I am dedicated to theatre's ability to gather people together in a room and sustain their attention in the present moment for a duration of time. Sustained attention to the moment - here and now - is a radical act in the twenty-first century.