• Sound and Noise - The Woman in the Red Dress (NextFest 2013)

    "Five life-sized frames contain each woman in a red dress looping through the gestural language in each of the story arcs ... There is a clear struggle between men and women. The male chorus is effective as they chant their frustration in unison, racing towards red fabric controlled by female toreadors. The men only see red... are they seeing the woman or the dress? The women use the red dress as a tool to draw attention from men. They do not get to decide from whom the attention is elicited. Initial empowerment turns to discomfort. Each scene is interspersed with dance vignettes, set effectively to music composed and played by Rebekah Sherman on the violin. The intestinal twist of discomfort is heard in the weaving string lines as the dancers writhe on the floor and the ascending violin scales echo the purification of the women from the enslavement of the red dress. After all, self-worth comes from the wearer of the red dress, and not the dress itself".
  • Vue Weekly - This is the Kind of Animal I Am (Fringe 2014)

    "Holly Cinnamon delivers a forceful performance in this dark investigation of sexual violence and constructions of femininity. ... Cinnamon is unapologetic, hypnotic and fierce... there is grace and beauty as she refuses to back down from a narrative that needs to be heard." 4/5 stars. —Paige Gorsak
  • Vue Weekly - This Is the Kind of Animal I Am (NextFest 2014)

    "Holly Cinnamon is a powerhouse who unflinchingly shoulders the script’s weight. Her movements are mesmerizing and her use of both space and props is inventive; she shows just how versatile—and symbolic—a simple article of clothing can be. ... this is a fierce, unapologetic stare into very dark territory, absolutely arresting for its raw, brutal honesty." 4/5 Stars. - Mel Priestly