• The Buzz - Anne and Gilbert (Guild Theatre 2016)

    "Anne Shirley, as played by Holly Cinnamon, is least needy of all. Thoughtful, beautiful, headstrong, and brainy, surrounded by devoted friends, it is hard to believe she even really wants the romance she imagines in her story “Averilʼs Ideal,” let alone her old rival Gilbert ... Ultimately, after being courted in more than one graveyard by more than one suitor, it takes the voice of Anneʼs birth parents from beyond the grave (the sweet, sad “Forever In My Life” which heartbreakingly brought real tears to Holly Cinnamonʼs eyes and voice) to prove love possible. " - Jane Ledwell
  • The Guardian - Anne and Gilbert (Guild Theatre 2016)

    "Wonderful dabs of musical darkness include the evocative 'Polishing Silver' performed by Holly Cinnamon (Anne) and Alessia Lupiano (Diana), a song that speaks of the hushed and rarely discussed details of children struggling toward sexual maturity ... Both Cinnamon (Anne) and Cameron Kneteman (Gilbert) as the title characters bring integrity and real stage presence to their roles. ... I am not one to be effusive, but this play is irresistible. When it springs to life before you, and each and every performer takes you in their arms, it lives and breathes." - Colm Magner
  • Vue Weekly - This is the Kind of Animal I Am (Fringe 2014)

    "Holly Cinnamon delivers a forceful performance in this dark investigation of sexual violence and constructions of femininity. ... Cinnamon is unapologetic, hypnotic and fierce... there is grace and beauty as she refuses to back down from a narrative that needs to be heard." 4/5 stars. —Paige Gorsak
  • Vue Weekly - This Is the Kind of Animal I Am (NextFest 2014)

    "Holly Cinnamon is a powerhouse who unflinchingly shoulders the script’s weight. Her movements are mesmerizing and her use of both space and props is inventive; she shows just how versatile—and symbolic—a simple article of clothing can be. ... this is a fierce, unapologetic stare into very dark territory, absolutely arresting for its raw, brutal honesty." 4/5 Stars. - Mel Priestly
  • St. Albert Gazette - Sundogs (Edmonton Fringe 2014)

    "Holly Cinnamon gives an incredible performance as Aster, playing vulnerable at times and confident the next, never losing character." - Alex MacPherson
  • Vue Weekly - Sundogs (Edmonton Fringe 2014)

    "Lead Holly Cinnamon shines as the wounded and withdrawn Aster Kinney, luring audiences to join the men in her life as they fall in love and ignore the warning signs that lurk around her. " - Paige Gorsak
  • - Sundogs (Edmonton Fringe 2014)

    "Holly Cinnamon is magnetic as the troubled Aster, and the entire production is every inch the eerie prairie gothic it aims to be. Four stars." - Jeff Kubik
  • Edmonton Sun - Perfect Pie (Walterdale Theatre 2011)

    "The revelation is the two younger performers. We meet them when they are nine years old and the first reaction is that director Kreisel has pulled mature and nuanced performances from two very young actresses. Upon reading the program, it turns out they are both older than they appear and have quite respectable dramatic track records. But they inhabit the young girls with such skill that you believe they are, indeed, going through some very difficult teen years. They've got the language and cadences right and you watch them grow older before your eyes. Their final dramatic scenes are difficult to watch in their raw, dramatic power." - Colin Maclean